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Chamomile & Honey Handmade Solid Shampoo 120-135g


Chamomile & Honey Handmade Solid Shampoo 120-135g

hand made in Yorkshire. Highly concentrated lovely scented chamomile & honey softens & refreshes hair and conditions too, great for everyday use and also travelling as a solid bar no bottles ! 

 Solid shampoo is gentle on the hair and the environment, ideal for light weight travel, or just use at home, easy to use, saves space and eco-friendly as no plastic bottles and they smell fab too…..

Solid Shampoo Directions for use: Rub the slice between your hand to create a rich lather, massage into the hair and scalp and rinse out as you usually would, avoid getting on your eyes as with all shampoo’s.

 Handmade in Yorkshire using the finest ingredients, hand cut in Helmsley & packaged in recyclable materials (where possible), keeps fresh for 6 months

Postage is £1.50 then each extra slice added is 50p postage per slice (postage combined where possible) any overpayment will be refunded

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